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Luke/Fauna Yasenha (WIP)

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Luke/Fauna Yasenha (WIP)

Post by Fauna Yasenha on Fri May 27, 2016 2:13 am

Name: Luke Yasenha (Male)/ Fauna Yasenha (Female/Succubus form)
Nickname: Lightning Devil (Raioni)
Age: 26
Gender: Male 

Height: six foot three inches
Weight: 140lbs
Appearance: Luke, as from the basic appearance, is quite tall yet appears soft and almost effeminate in terms of his body structure, leading to many underestimating him as a weaker opponent. However this cannot be further from the truth as he many not appear to be packing many muscles on the outside, he has strong core muscles, meaning he can be a lot stronger then his physical appearance will lead people to believe as he's able to break large boulders with relative ease and counter seemingly stronger opponents.

From this, He has blood red eyes; a rare trait outside of a dojutsu which the pupils are lizard-like slits, giving him a more demonic-like appearance, although they also do aid his sightly, giving him better vision then a normal person. They normally appear sad and if anyone was emotionally sensitive (like Hinata for example) could see that he carries a great burden and pain within him and something that he struggles with everyday from the suffering he has seen. He has a soft facial shape, which fits with his effeminate appearance, but can be referred to as "cute yet handsome". His hair is soft, covering his left eye sometimes while also possessing two little horns on his head, although they appear to be horns, they are in fact hair that appear to be such.

In terms of his outfit, he wears a black karate Gi with red outlines with a large, red silk obi that wraps around his waist as a gift from his mother as a way to keep her close while he's away from the village. He also uses this to keep a wakizashi attached to it. The Wakizashi has a black wrapping and sheath and has a unique guard of six thin, but wide flat rods, around in a star-like formation with a thin ring around it to keep it all together. Near the spacer (the small bronzer clip between the blade and the guard) on the blade itself, is kanji for "Zetsubō no Sākuru" (Crushing Despair) etched into the blade. He wears his ninja headband around his forehead or around his left shoulder.

When using his succubus jutsu/in his female form; "she" shrinks down a little to be at six foot exactly, gaining buxom curves and D-cup breasts. Her hair is done in a 1940's style with long flowing curls and two horn-shaped pigtails down either side, behind her head. These pigtails are wrapped in red silk to keep them together. In this form, her outfit changes little, only enough to adapt to her new feminine features, but she does gain a black bra and panties with red frilly lace around them. She also wears long black soaks with frilly ends and a bow on them and either flats with bows on them or black and red high heels with similarly coloured bows on them. She can also change her outfit to a black swimsuit with a bow at the front, covering the breasts or a black and red babydoll if she's eager to seduce a target.

Village: Hidden Devil Village
Character Rank: Jonin
Clan: Yasenha
Element: Raiton

Personality: Once upon a time, Luke grew up as a carefree and happy kid until the day Shadow was sealed within him. He was made to grow up and mature, becoming distant but never loosing his desire to help others, leading to him helping those boys and even when he was made to watch both himself and the boys get beat up, it only made his resolve to help greater. Growing into a man, he acts respectful and gentlemanly, but also with a subconscious distant to others as from the ninja academy, he felt alienated from his peers, but his high intelligence and great skills lead to him coming across as arrogant or acting superior to his peers, however, he just preferred to be alone instead of getting into a large crowd that wanted to be around him, something about how emos are hot in some strange way.

There was a time where he considered his team mates and others like family and he still does care a lot for innocent people, especially those who cannot fight back and hates when someone attacks people who clearly cannot defend themselves. However, during that fateful mission, he resolved to never again work with anyone, not out of hatred of having team mates to replace his old ones, but because he feels responsible for the murder of his fallen team mates and friends he had grown up with and will argue angrily if he is forced to do so as he cannot emotionally and mentally cope with loosing another team mate or even the possibility of killing them himself.

Luke also is transgender; desperate for a female body and enjoys his female body in his succubus jutsu, wishing it could last forever, but since without one specific criteria being met, he returns to normal and has lead to self loathing of himself and hates to see his still male body in a mirror. He does deal with it by wearing women's underwear under his regular uniform, cross dressing in private and in some occasions, replaces his boots with his feminine flats. He's also attracted to males due to him believing himself to be a girl, feels its only right for a girl to seek out a attractive male to have as a boyfriend and future lover. However, he doesn't mind seducing a woman if its necessary for a mission, but will show displeasure afterwords, showing he doesn't enjoy having to "act like a man" in that regard.

He's quite intelligent and analytical; able to understand things relatively quickly and tends to think before acting as well as seeing details others would pass by; however, he does get critical when observing both his own appearance and how he sees things. In combat, he prefers speed over strength; using kenjutsu and his high speed technique; Kageoni Kōtei to take care of enemies. He'll also use his shadow style to attack with large shadow arms or tentacles are his go to attacks for shadow style. As for his other jutsus, he goes with light and lightning styles, then fire. He uses Lightning style as a defensive style, either radiating it to get people off or channelling it through his sword or objects to either enhance his offensive capabilities or to lay electrical traps. Light style he uses more offensively along with fire style to fire beams of light or to blind opponents while using fire style for more large scale destruction.

He also values tactics instead of fighting head on; he normally tries to keep his distance while fighting, trying to watch his opponent and see what they are capable of before forming the best plan of action for dealing with them. He tends to use diversions and other ways to be able to disable his opponent. He will also use whatever he has and will quickly adapt his strategy on the situation as it evolves and prides himself on his leadership skills and his ability to adapt and use what he has; whether that's as little or as much as he currently has, he will use that to find the best way to win.
Character History: 
Luke Yasenha was born in the Hidden Devil Village into the Yasenha household, he grew up there, often inside his head to pass the time as he watched birds pass his home.

One day, during an outing, he spotted some kids getting beaten up by some older kids, Luke went to stop them, only to get a punch to the gut and forced onto his knees by one of the gang member, who then forced him to watch them beat the living daylights out of the kids he tried to save until some Ninja on patrol came along and chase them away and arrested them, taking the kids that were beaten up to a local medical station to be healed using medical ninjustu.

After that day, Luke vowed to become a ninja to protect those who could not protect themselves, entering the academy, learning the ways of the ninja, he spent ten years at the academy, becoming a somewhat popular student due to his ability to quickly learn jutsu and his somewhat unreachable attitude, this was because he wanted to be left alone since he disliked the attention that his popularity caused him so he more than once left people to be alone as he couldn't handle that many people and more then often, a teacher would come to console him as they were concerned that even though some could call him a genius, he had self-loathing and depression which keep him from making many friends from the academy, he spent a total of seven years in the academy, more then he needed to in order to vastly improve his mental performance, even though he passed the final exam without a problem, he continued to study to better improve himself, finishing his extended learning when he was fourteen years old, he then took the chuunin exam the following year with his two teammates, a Hyūga member who was one of his few friends at the academy for his excellent ability in his clans technique and dojustu and the other was a female taijustu master, although she was normally quite annoying happy and overenthusiastic, she could more then hold her own in a fight, they managed to complete the first two exams was relative ease before reaching the preliminaries, when Luke faced off against a genin with excellent fire style abilities, but, after a climatic final blow, Luke was victorious and made it to the finals when once again, he was force to use his tactics to defeat his opponents, even the point of making him use everything he's got against them, but he and his team were victorious.

After his promotion to chuunin, he lead a squad of genin through different D & C rank missions, making sure his team was ready before he were given a B-rank infiltration mission, his first solo mission, he took off for a brothel where, according to informants, the leader of a high stakes slave trader was staying for the night for some good times as he had a weakness for beautiful and buxom women of the brothel, Luke then used a special version of one of his clan's techniques to turn him into a women, with a voluptuous body, D-cup, hourglass figure, nicely peach tanned skin, long black hair with two longer versions of his horn hair extensions coming down either side from the back of his head while her long, silky smooth hair ran in the middle of the two horn pigtails, now also with two large bat wings, enough to support flight and a tail with a tri-pronged end, sharp enough to cut flesh and stone, he also modified his clothes so his normal karate Gi was exposing his abdomen and his back but still keeping the sides, while his trousers changed into a black skirt that reach only to where his now smooth knees came to while changing the haori into a jacket of the same color, he also gave himself black bra and panties with matching red lace.

Confident his body was ready, s/he walked into the brothel, where partying was in full swing, there was wild love making to if the cries and moans of pleasure were anything to go by, s/he found herself at the attention of her target who came up to her, being rather flirty with her, so he came onto him in the most seductive way he knew how, wrapping his arms around this man's neck and taking him out the party and into a bedroom where he seemed to enjoy having a different kind of women in her chambers, having never seeing a women with bat wings and a tail before before he went down on him, servicing him before letting him take her, letting the pleasure of being united with a man take hold of her for a few minutes before she pulled her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss so while he was kissing her, she sent her tail into his neck, killing him almost instantly, he got to see the sadistic look on her face before he fell onto the bed, dead, she got off his now dead body, getting dressed again and cleaning her tail before locking the door behind her, making sure no one would know until she was far away and she had deactivated his technique.
As of now, he still operates with the hidden Devil village as a train assassin, interrogator while also teaching classes at the academy for advanced ninjutsu arts and the art of seduction and their benefits to ninja missions.
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