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Luke's Item List (WIP)

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Luke's Item List (WIP)

Post by Fauna Yasenha on Fri May 27, 2016 2:44 am

Name: Zetsubō no sākuru
Type: Wakizashi
Custom/Canon: Custom
Rank: B
Material: High grade chakra conductive Katana steel

Luke's pride and joy; his silent and constant companion in the darkness of the world. The Wakizashi has a black wrapping and sheath and has a unique guard of six thin, but wide flat rods, around in a star-like formation with a thin ring around it to keep it all together. Near the habaki (the small bronzer clip between the blade and the guard) on the blade itself, is kanji for "Zetsubō no Sākuru" (Crushing Despair) etched into the blade. The blade is about two feet in length, making it half the size of a normal katana.

Abilities: It has no unique abilities as of now, but it can be used with ninjutsu like chidori blade and the samurai sword technique
Cost: 1,500 ryo
Requirements: No special requirements besides asking Luke's permission to use, but naturally unique to Luke himself as his primary blade in battle.

Name: Omni-directional Mobility Gear
Type: Omni-directional Mobility Gear
Custom/Canon: Custom
Rank: B
Material: (Main gears and blades) Refined steel, (Harnesses) leather with steel plates to keep together.

The Omni-directional Mobility Gear allows the user to fight in a 3D space as opposed to a 2D one. The gear itself takes the form of a body harness that encompasses much of the body below the neck. Steel wire is stored inside the body. There are two axles, which revolve independently, The functioning part of the operating device is a black box, which the technical department manages and improves in secrecy. 

The operating device has two triggers that launch the hooks, a lateral switch that aims the hooks and a brake. Gas is compressed into the cylinder and then blown directly into the fan to make it rotate. The pressure of the gas is regulated to manipulate the output. The blades are made from a Super Hardened Steel, which is both supple and strong, appearing like longer versions of razor blades, which the gear can hold six inside each box that hangs from either side (twelve in total). 

These blades are so sharp, they can cut easily armour that is A-rank in nature and with chakra, can cut into chakra based defences with ease.

Although the Gear can grant a skilled user tremendous mobility (+20 speed when using the hooks and gas mechanics), it is a demanding art that requires strength, and skill, both of which must be honed through constant practice. (Minimum of 31 strength and above to use without difficulty and requires at least 3 in Bujutsu.)

The simplest move possible with the ODMs is simply aiming and firing the grapple hooks at an object and then activating the gas mechanism to reel oneself toward said object. They can then disconnect the hook and continue moving forward.

Usually however, anyone must be able to move around in order to navigate in general. Therefore, they tend to use their momentum in order to swing around targets, not only in rectilinear patterns, but also slaloming between objects and Targets. The gas mechanism is so powerful that it can stop a person from falling without using the hooks. The ODMs tends to be less efficient in open spaces because the user does not have too many spots where the hooks can be reeled.
Abilities: Besides granting great mobility and minor ability to channel chakra to make them cut better, they have no other abilities
Cost: 1,500 Ryo
Requirements: Requires minimum strength of 31 and above to lift without speed penalty of -10 to speed and requires 3 in bujutsu.

Name: Black Devil Sealing Kunai
Type: Customized Tri-pronged Kunai
Custom/Canon: Custom
Rank: B-rank

Material: using high grade, shock resistant carbon steel 
General appearance:

The Black Devil Sealing Kunai (BDSKs) for short, are the personal kunai of choice for Luke; he had them forged with the purpose of not only being a practical weapon in a fight, but also it assist him in learning Fuujutsu. These kunai are quite unique, using high grade, shock resistant carbon steel as its base, meaning these kunai are a lot more durable then their D-rank counterparts, able to clash with swords a rank higher then them with them only suffering a bit of ship damage. They are Tri-pronged, meaning they possess three blades; the main blade plus a curved blade that fits near the hand, forming two smaller yet just as deadly horn-like blades on either side. (side blades are more curved and slightly longer then in above image). The blade itself is painted black with the razor sharp parts of the blade are painted red. It also possesses kanji for seal (シール) in red marks over the black parts of the blade and on the black leather wrapping. It also possesses a kunai's standard ring at the end of the handle for added versatility.
Abilities: The primary ability of the kunai is that it allows the user to subsitute them for any sealing jutsu that requires sealing tags to functions as well as possessing unique jutsus to the kunai themselves, they are also more durable then their E-rank counterparts.
Cost: 50 Ryo per Kunai or 200 Ryo for a pack of four.
Requirements: 3 in Bujutsu and at least 1 in fuujutsu at a minimum.

Name: Sealing Scroll
Type: Scroll (Small, Medium and Large)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: D
Material: Paper, Scroll
Equipment Ability:
Small: can seal weapons
Medium: can seal body parts and large weapons 
Large: can seal up to three full bodies.
Equipment jutsus: none.
Cost: 100 Ryo for 1, 600 Ryo for 10
Requirements: Must know Generic Sealing (1 small, one medium)
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